Cork-popping hedgies splash £3k at Mayfair champagne bar

A PARTY of Mayfair hedgies were in a celebratory mood on Wednesday, running up a tab of £3,330 at Le Salon de Champagne in The Arch – the hotel opposite pop singer Madonna’s London pad.

The nine male hedgies and their three female companions phoned in advance to ensure there were four bottles of Cristal on ice for their arrival. After swilling four more bottles of the same champagne, they finished with a bottle of Dom Perignon – and whilst half the party called it a night at a sensible 11pm, the others stayed for a nightcap of three bottles of borolo, leaving in the early hours of the next day.

Despite not ordering food, The Capitalist hears the hotel threw in a few canapes “with the compliments of the house.”

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