Concordia loss adds to rise in wrecked ships


STRICKEN Costa Concordia cruiseliner, which ran aground off the coast of Italy last year, helped push up the total number of ships lost worldwide to 106 in 2012, according to figures released yesterday.

Half of the ships lost were either sank or became submerged, while 22 per cent were abandoned after running aground. Collisions accounted for just six per cent of losses, according to figures released yesterday by the specialist marine division of insurer Allianz.

However there is some positive news for the insurance industry as losses remain 27 per cent below the 10-year average of 146 ships per annum.

Allianz’s Dr Sven Gerhard said human error was responsible for most accidents: “For some commercial ship-owners, especially in the hard-pressed bulk cargo and tanker sectors, there is little money for maintenance and little money for training.”

The report also praises the efforts of cruise operators to improve self-regulation following the Costa Concordia disaster.