Cobham wins army deal

City A.M. Reporter
British aerospace electronics group Cobham has won a contract to make components for new helicopters to be used by the US army, boosting its US expansion plans and its relationship with the American military.

The contract, awarded by United Technologies’ Sikorsky Aircraft Corp, covers the manufacture of composite components for the blades of the US Marine Corps’ CH-53K Heavy Lift Replacement Helicopter.

Depending on how many CH-53K helicopters are eventually built by Sikorsky for the US army, the contract could be worth $25m (£16m).

The CH-53K, which is under development by Sikorsky – the maker of the US army’s iconic Black Hawk helicopter – will be the largest helicopter used by the US military when it enters service.

Fred Cahill, vice president of Cobham Antenna Systems said: “This is an anchor programme for our business with Sikorsky, and establishes Cobham’s composites business as a supplier to three United Technologies Corporation subsidiaries.”