Coalition to put focus on green energy projects

Marion Dakers
THE GOVERNMENT hopes to reinforce its focus on renewable energy today, putting coalition squabbles behind it as part of a global energy get-together.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is poised to announce which energy efficiency fund managers have been picked to run £100m-worth of government funds.

Equitix and SDCL will be taken on to manage the money, which is set to invest in small-scale projects to make commercial buildings greener.

Clegg will also unveil several smaller coups for the British energy sector, including Close Loop Recycling’s £12m expansion in Dagenham and a new UK headquarters for Power Electronics.

The government is grappling with a major reform of the energy market, which has caused controversy over its preference for gas, and the loss in March of a £15bn investment in nuclear power by E.ON and RWE.

Energy secretary Ed Davey, a Liberal Democrat, will say the coalition “is taking the necessary steps to develop a secure, clean energy mix”.

The government today hosts a meeting of energy leaders as part of its international business summit linked to the Olympics.

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