Climate camp protesters gather to give RBSstick

ROYAL Bank of Scotland&rsquo;s Bishopsgate headquarters was yesterday invaded by climate change activists who stuck themselves to the trading floor with superglue in protest at the bank&rsquo;s funding of fossil fuel projects.<br /><br />Hundreds more protested outside the bank&rsquo;s headquarters, while 15 demonstrators staged a naked roof-top demonstration at public relations firm Edelman, which represents E.on, the firm which owns the Kingsnorth power station.<br /><br />A separate group targeted the headquarters of oil company Shell, removing the &lsquo;S&rsquo; from the company&rsquo;s logo so that it simply read &lsquo;hell&rsquo;.<br /><br />Hundreds of police officers were brought in to prevent a repeat of the violence which marred the G20 protests earlier this year, but there was only one arrest.<br /><br />The Climate Camp protesters, based at Blackheath, are staging their fourth annual series of protests to draw attention to environmental concerns.<br /><br />Earlier this week, the activists staged a &ldquo;clean up protest&rdquo; on the steps of the Treasury, claiming that the government was not committed to preventing global warming.