Clark proposes streamlining of UK’s planning regulations

Julian Harris
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A SIMPLIFICATION of the UK’s planning regulations was proposed by the coalition government yesterday, earning widespread applause from business groups.

Greg Clark MP, minister of state for decentralisation, published a 52-page consultation document designed to clarify Britain’s thousands of pages of planning red tape.

“The National Planning Policy Framework is the first step towards a planning system which enables development rather than holding it back,” said Edwin Morgan of the Institute for Directors.

Chancellor George Osborne had identified planning system reform in his March “budget for growth”, describing existing regulations as an “obstacle to economic growth”.

Land Securities’ chief executive Francis Salway said: “It’s refreshing to have a concise national planning framework which supports and encourages growth, and at same time protects our heritage.”

Yet the British Chambers of Commerce warned the government that words need to be translated into more pro-growth decisions. Businesses “need to see more than just a new policy document”, it said.