CITYA.M. Guide to givers 2012

Welcome to City A.M’s second annual Guide to Givers, bringing to the limelight business individuals and organisations that have donated not just their resources, but also their time and effort towards improvements for those less fortunate than themselves.
As belts are being tightened, public charitable spending is understandably at a significant low point, putting emphasis on private sector giving.

This year’s guide reveals our top 20 list of private sector foundations and trusts from around the globe, taking into consideration spending and the implementation of grants. Keen to highlight the altruism of the City, we have also put together a list of 10 City of London donors.

The lists have been compiled after speaking to several charity industry bodies, in addition to a number of the givers themselves. The donation figures for 2011 have been taken from each foundation’s annual financial statement, and the numbers have been verified by KPMG.

With any such list, our Guide to Givers is not exhaustive. Any thoughts or improvements from any industry experts or individual donors for future editions are, of course, welcomed.

One or two organisations have been excluded when it has been deemed that the money given away is in some way related to the group’s main business.

While on the subject of charity, we would like to thank all those who have responded to the City A.M Christmas appeal so far and have made a donation to the microfinance charity Opportunity International, which helps build businesses and encourages secure saving in Africa. So far the appeal has raised over £1m, a figure that has surpassed expectations.

We hope you enjoy the guide.

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