City workers turning to careers in teaching

RECORD numbers of City workers are retrain as teachers in the wake of the financial crisis, new figures have shown.

Data from the Government’s Training and Development Agency for Schools revealed that there has been a 23 per cent surge in the number of applicants to teacher training courses in London

Luke Graham from the agency said private sector workers were looking for more secure jobs.

He added: "We are seeing a huge increase in applications on last year, which was a record-breaking year for teacher recruitment.

"We are seeing an increase in university students who go into teacher training but we have seen a massive increase in other applicants – career changers, people with industry experience, people who may have done three or four years in a career and decided it's not for them."

London saw the biggest rise of any region in the number of teacher training applicants - up 23 per cent from last year to 7,797.

Male applicants rose by almost 50 per cent to 11,700.