City wants vote on EU membership

Elizabeth Fournier
BRITAIN should hold a referendum on its future as a member of the EU, according to the majority of panellists on the City A.M./ PoliticsHome Voice of the City panel.

The results of our latest survey of more than 400 finance and business professionals show that almost 60 per cent of the City think a referendum should “definitely” or “probably” be held, compared to 39 per cent that were opposed to a vote.

At last week’s Conservative party conference, Prime Minister David Cameron ruled out the prospect of a so-called in or out EU vote, insisting that leaving the EU would be the “wrong answer” for Britain.

“What most people want in this country is not actually to leave the EU, but to reform the EU,” he added.

MPs will decide whether voters should have a say on the matter later this year, after a petition calling for a referendum got more than 100,000 signatures, the amount needed to force a Commons debate.

Despite a consensus among our panel that a referendum should go ahead, respondents were split on how they would choose to vote, with 49.51 per cent saying they would probably or definitely vote for British withdrawal from the EU, versus the 49.26 per cent that said the UK should remain a member.