<strong>PETER BOARDLEY </strong>CUNNINGHAM LINDSEY<br />&ldquo;I think things are much the same now as they have always been, and changes are due. Banks still overcharge for overdrafts and bounced cheques, although I understand that this could soon be addressed. Currently a lot of people get free banking at the expense of others who maybe go a small amount overdue and are charged &pound;20.&rdquo;<br /><strong><br />MICHAEL PAUL </strong> OPTIMA SERVICES<br />&ldquo;I don&rsquo;t think the banks are doing enough to keep our custom. They are not passing on the money that is coming through the government. Even though I get on with my bank manager, I think the organisation is soulless. But I don&rsquo;t think that people are likely to up and move banks, as they all have the same offering. It&rsquo;s a case of better the devil you know.&rdquo;<strong><br /><br />ROSS THOMPSON </strong>NAVIGATORS<br />&ldquo;I am always complaining to my bank about rates and charges. One thing that annoys me is that Standard Chartered are paying &pound;67m to own Liverpool football team&rsquo;s strip. Yet rates are not coming down. I am trying to get a mortgage at the moment and the rates are still not down to the base rate. Someone should have stepped in by now.&rdquo;