CITY VIEWS: how well are the supermarkets coping with the recession?

<strong>ORRAINE NAYLER</strong> ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND<br />&ldquo;I don&rsquo;t really go to big supermarkets and prefer to shop in my local stores. But I think the budget supermarkets are benefiting from the downturn &ndash; the stigma attached to Aldi and Lidl is probably disappearing and people are looking beyond packaging to non-branded goods if they are cheaper.&rdquo;<br /> <strong><br />NICK FEWKES</strong> CB RICHARD ELLIS<br />&ldquo;Many of the bigger supermarkets are a bit greedy &ndash; there is always a price premium on smaller stores like Tesco Metro in the City, for example. Consumers are a lot more price-conscious than they used to be and also more self-sufficient. I&rsquo;ve now got my own chickens and grow my own veg.&rdquo;<br /><br /><strong>JAMES HUNTER</strong> VICTORY OUTREACH<br />&ldquo;I think the big supermarkets could always do more to become more competitive, but I am generally happy with them and the special offers they have brought in over the recession. I&rsquo;m personally not trading down at all because I prefer the level of customer service in bigger supermarkets.&rdquo;<br />