City views | Have you ever tried ot bought an english-produced wine?

Nick Mitchell
Yes, I have just bought a crate of Nyetimber sparkling wine for a party from Waitrose because there was a blind tasting and English sparkling wine came out on top. You think you have to buy champagne but you should really just have what tastes best.”

Ben Battye
Fidelity Investments
No, I have never tried it. I usually just stick with what I know, but I don’t think English sparkling wine is well advertised in supermarkets or online, which is where I purchase wine. If I saw it on the shelf I would happily try it.”

Ed Shattock
Lloyds Bank
Yes, I had it at a wedding—it was a Chapel Down sparkling and I thought it was as good as some champagne. I haven’t seen English wine available to buy, but I’ve spent a lot of time in France so I have a natural preference for French.”