City spinner’s sculptures on show in Sussex

THE SQUARE Mile isn’t always associated with creative flair. However, that isn’t to say there aren’t any artistically-inclined among us.

Only last month The Capitalist reported on the summer music festival and series of classical recitals organised by high-flying lawyer Ian Rosenblatt, who incidentally has represented clients like City veteran Terry Smith.

Now it appears it is time for Rosenblatt's wife Emma Kane to take the spotlight. Not only is she the founder of financial PR agency Redleaf Polhill, but The Capitalist hears Kane is a keen sculptor, even renting a studio near Redleaf’s new Moorgate office so that she can dash out at lunchtime for a session with the blowtorch.

Apparently the extra-curricular hobby all began “when I went for dinner at a forensic accountant’s house which was filled with the most fantastic sculptures – and then I discovered that she was the artist behind them,” explained Kane.

Her work is now being exhibited at Farley Farm gallery in East Sussex, where visitors can admire it until October.

And has Rosenblatt inspired any of his wife’s creations?

“I did a life size one of him naked and skipping called The Angel of My Life, and also a bust which was the first piece I ever made,” said Kane.

However, anyone wanting to purchase one of the Angel might be disappointed – The Capitalist hears it is pride of place in the power couple’s garden.