THE DAY is young, the markets are still closed and tourists haven’t descended yet – and that’s just how Holly Cracknell likes it. Well, that’s when she prefers to pound the City’s streets as part of Investec’s in-house assault on the Garmin #4miler, at any rate.

“I run first thing in the morning before work, at 7:50am, when there aren’t many pedestrians about,” explains Holly, who works in asset management. “I’m on the bus and running before I know what I’m doing! After that Cheapside starts to get quite busy and it’s hard to maintain my pace without bumping into people.”

Holly’s route takes her past landmarks such as St Paul’s and over Millennium Bridge, London Bridge and Tower Bridge – bringing a welcome buffeting from the breeze.

And her twice-weekly routine has already paid off; in three weeks she has shaved four and half minutes off her total time.

“Health-wise, I’ve really noticed a difference in six or seven runs,” she adds. “Every time I run I upload details to the Garmin Connect site and share it with a friend. The Forerunner watch is also great for motivating me, because I can see the pace I’m doing and it helps me maintain it.”

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