City maverick David Buik slams Sir Mervyn King’s BoE speech

CITY stalwart David Buik of Cantor, who is known for his poetic City commentary – often quoting the likes of Whitman, Shakespeare, Poe and Housman - was left unimpressed with the Bank of England governor yesterday.

“I would hardly describe myself as the sharpest pin in the box” opened Buik.

“However having looked at the tea-leaf remnants made from Sir Mervyn King’s comments at the Inflation Report, I would be amazed if he did not send out coded comments that some large UK banks will need the injection of substantial capital in the years to come.” Clearly not won over by the anniversary reminiscence, then.

■ Many readers may be refraining from the pleasures of chocolate, caffeine or booze for Lent. However there is no such abstinence over at newly-launched alcohol awareness app DrinkCoach. Creators told The Capitalist the app is “not about stopping drinking” but “merely making lifestyle improvements by providing useful tools to change behaviour as wanted.” The invitation for the launch party, to be held at the City’s Guildhall, promises catered food and beverages. Sadly The Capitalist hears that organisers thought long and hard, but settled on serving strictly non-alcoholic drinks only.

■ The date for the 2013 Standard Chartered Great City Race, the annual 5k running challenge that sees corporate joggers sprint around the closed-off streets of the City of London, has been set for Thursday 11 July. As in previous years, over 5,000 workers from the Square Mile are expected to don their running gear, come rain or shine. This is the ninth year that Standard Chartered have sponsored the charity dash, which helps to raise awareness and funds for eyesight charity Seeing is Believing. Ten pounds from every £30 entry fee will be donated to an eye-care project in Zambia. To register go to