City financier’s saucy thriller is made into film

READERS of this page will remember last year that The Capitalist spotted ex-corporate financier and author Tony Drury flogging copies of his second novel The Deal in Leadenhall Market.

The book tells the story of a financier falling in love with a woman who won’t go to bed with him unless he raises £2m for her brother’s publishing company.

However it seems it is Drury’s debut novel – Megan’s Game – that has caught the attention of film producers.

His first romantic City thriller is being made into a feature film, produced by Paul Tucker, who boasts credits in Braveheart and four of the Bond movies.

This tale tells the story of a Welsh primary school teacher who falls for an “unscrupulous stockbroker who lives in a Docklands penthouse”.

And who would his ideal leading man be? “Daniel Craig, but we can’t afford him” confessed Drury.

In case it all goes wrong, at least he still has a hand in the City, The Capitalist notices Drury is still chairman of Axiom Capital. Nice work if you can get it.