From the City to the decidedly un-Square Mile

THE CAPITALIST is used to receiving invitations from within the Square Mile, however one email entreaty yesterday, sent by Private Media Group boss and former investment banker Charles Prast, was decidedly un-Square in nature.

The former Commerzbank and Natwest Markets banker, it transpires, is on the hunt for fully-clothed extras to take part in the volleyball scene of an adult film set on the beaches of Ibiza.

Prast tells The Capitalist his transition from London capital markets to chief executive of a Nasdaq-listed X-rated company was not as unconnected as one might have imagined. Having worked with small and medium-sized adult entertainment and computer game companies at Commerzbank, Prast was offered a job by one of his clients at the time – the adult movie company that he now heads up.

And how has he found his time in the un-Square Mile? “I find the people in the adult industry remarkably more trustworthy and personable than many of the characters I came across in the City” said Prast.

Probably not very personable to bite the hand that (used to) feed you, either.