City comment queen is now a non-Belieber

RECIPIENTS of ex-BGC Partners analyst Louise Cooper’s daily email may have been a little surprised yesterday when her daily missive landed in their inbox with the subject line “My night with Bieber”.

Cooper took time out from her usual media appearances talking about banks and bonds to pursue a rather different topic after spending Monday night – along with daughter Cerys and 20,000 screaming teenyboppers – waiting more than two hours for Canadian pop puppy Justin Bieber to grace the stage at the O2 .

Cooper’s junket started with an early morning appearance on breakfast television, before she penned a column for the Guardian and was quoted by Fox News and the BBC, vowing “I’m never going to a gig by Justin Bieber ever again”.

After such a busy day then, Cooper could perhaps be forgiven for “doing a Bieber” and taking some time away from the public eye. But not our intrepid commentator.

“I am at the National Association of Pension Fund’s conference in Edinburgh from tomorrow,” she told her CooperCity followers. “Better stimulation for my brain than Bieber frippery.”