City chaos as RMT strikes over salaries

<div>PANDEMONIUM hit the streets of London yesterday, after the Royal Maritime and Transport (RMT) union continued its 48-hour tube strike, which began at 7pm on Tuesday. <br /><br />Roads heaved under long traffic jams as thousands of commuters struggled to get around the capital without using the underground.<br /><br />Nervous novice cyclists wove in and out of traffic, and thousands donned their walking shoes in a bid to get to work. <br /><br />The RMT also came under fire for staging the strikes on the night of a World Cup qualifier at Wembley. <br /><br />Fifty-eight thousand football fans made the journey to get to last night&rsquo;s game between Andorra and England, in a ground that has capacity of 90,000. The FA was forced to offer full refunds &ndash; which could total &pound;1m &ndash; to fans who were unable to beat a path to the stadium.<br /><br />Nine lines were hit by the industrial action, although the Northern and Jubilee lines ran as normal.<br /><br />As the day wore on, stations began to run a limited service, as Tube workers shunned the strike. <br /><br />A bitter war of words broke out between the RMT and London Underground (LU) over pay and jobs, as talks to prevent the strikes failed to get off the ground. <br /><br />RMT&rsquo;s boss Bob Crow pointed the finger at London Mayor Boris Johnson, saying he was &ldquo;playing politics&rdquo; over the strikes. &ldquo;I have never experienced such dishonesty from any management that I have dealt with,&rdquo; Crow said.<br /><br />Johnson hit back saying the accusations were &ldquo;completely untrue&rdquo;. <br /><br />RMT also accused Johnson of storming out of a pre-recorded TV news debate set up with Crow yesterday. <br /><br />A spokesman for Johnson said the claim was complete rubbish.<br /><br />RMT wants a five per cent pay increase, and the promise of no compulsary redundencies. LU last week made a pay offer which the union dismissed. It is also demanding that two fired drivers be reinstated.</div>