City beacons of charity sought by JP Morgan

DO YOU know someone in the City whose charitable work deserves recognition? JP Morgan Private Bank has announced its sponsorship of the eighth biennial Beacon Awards for Philanthropy. The Capitalist’s eye was particularly caught by the category sponsored by the City of London Corporation especially to honour the City’s unsung philanthropes.

Nominees for this award must work in the City of London, Mayfair or Canary Wharf, and their philanthropic work should serve “to inspire others in the financial, professional or business sectors as a model of engaged philanthropy”.

Lord Mayor of the City of London David Wootton said: “Many of the City of London’s most wealthy make generous donations to causes they are passionate about, using the skills and knowledge acquired in their business careers to become engaged and effective philanthropists. I am delighted that the Beacon Award for City Philanthropy will recognise such achievement.”

Nominations close on 26 October. You cannot, however, nominate yourself. So if you think you are a beacon of charitable excellence, you might want to leave this page open on your desk.