THERE&rsquo;LL be a large shoal of City fish venturing out of their native waters next week as no less than three Square Mile rock bands descend upon the Islington O2 Academy for a night of singing and strumming for charity.<br /><br />Headlining the night &ndash; taking place next Thursday &ndash; will be the band Pinstripe Hype, consisting of Redburn Partners&rsquo; Andy Preston, Goldman Sachs&rsquo; James Peters, Nabarro partner Rhod Pazzi, and current and former GLG Partners staffers Zaki Orbell and Rob Murphy.<br /><br />&ldquo;We tend to do a blend of covers from bands like Coldplay, the Beatles and the Verve and the stuff I write, which is in the same genre,&rdquo; says Preston, the group&rsquo;s lead singer and guitarist. <br /><br />&ldquo;This event has been going for four years now and it&rsquo;s really just a way of having a bit of a laugh while raising money for a good cause &ndash; you sit next to people and work closely with them for 12 hours a day, then the next minute they&rsquo;re on stage leaping around like true rock stars!&rdquo;<br /><br />The intrepid musicians, along with fellow City bands the Ironics and the Toneheads, are hoping to sell out all 800 of their tickets &ndash; which are &pound;10 a pop, with all the proceedings going to AIDS children&rsquo;s charity the Egmont Trust &ndash; by next week. Visit and search for Pinstripe Hype for details.<br /><br /><strong>MEXICAN BANDIT</strong><br />The poor staffers at spread betting firm Capital Spreads must be quite perturbed to see their usually debonair boss Simon Denham prancing around at the moment sporting an impressive tuft of facial hair that wouldn&rsquo;t look out of place on the upper lip of a raving Mexican bandit.<br /><br />Denham, you see, is a staunch supporter of this month&rsquo;s Movember campaign to raise awareness of prostate cancer, during which gentlemen are challenged to grow the fanciest moustache possible over the course of November. The Capitalist will be awarding a prize at the end of the month to the City boy who can grow the best specimen &ndash; send your photographic evidence to &hellip;<br /><br /><strong>CAPITALIST SOCIETY</strong><br />Feast your eyes, my friends, on the latest arty take on &ldquo;Capitalism&rdquo; (above right), by artist Brian Gorst and part of the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize Exhibition, opening next week at Painters Hall in the City.<br /><br />Yes, that really is a giant naked man urinating on little figures running around by his toes &ndash; an image which Gorst is keen to stress is an &ldquo;invented rather than observed figure study&rdquo;. With that burning question out of the way, there seems nothing left to do but sit and admire.<br /><br /><strong>BOYS WILL BE BOYS</strong><br />In a delightful affirmation that gentlemen&rsquo;s priorities never alter, The Capitalist is presented with a run-down of the top men in business, courtesy of men&rsquo;s mag Esquire. <br /><br />Sport? Check, with Manchester United&rsquo;s Sir Alex Ferguson picking up a lifetime achievement gong. Stomach? Check again, as Sainsbury&rsquo;s Justin King is named most influential business thinker. And the last category, beautiful ladies? The checklist is complete, with Amanda Staveley &ndash; model-turned financier and former flame of Prince Andrew &ndash; in place as &ldquo;Woman at the Top&rdquo;.