The City and the world say goodbye to our Lady Thatcher

“A MOVING, almost overwhelming day” was the sentiment given by chancellor George Osborne yesterday afternoon, having reflected on the day that saw the City, and the world, give a dignified send-off to Lady Thatcher.

Others paid tribute in their own way – the Prime Minister’s wife wore a blouse embellished with a bow, a feminine style of shirt that Thatcher herself often wore. And another Thatcher favourite – pearl necklaces – were on display everywhere. Daughter Carol and granddaughter Amanda, as well as Cherie Blair, Norma Major and chancellor’s wife Frances Osborne all sported pearls. The Square Mile was unusually calm as family, politicians, royalty and celebrities alike convened at St Paul’s cathedral for one final farewell to the Baroness.

Gone but – especially in the City – not forgotten.