City A.M. winner Chris casts a discerning eye over exhibition

MANY congratulations to City A.M. reader Christopher Wilson from the University of Westminster, who won our competition to mark the start of ING Commercial Banking’s Discerning Eye exhibition.

To celebrate ING’s link with arts charity The Discerning Eye, ING teamed up with City A.M. to offer readers the chance to win up to £1,000-worth of art.

At the exhibition preview last night Wilson chose a piece called Neil Innes Goes To Rio, by Harry Pye to take home as his prize. “I’ve never bought art before but I felt like now was the time to start, and thanks to this competition I can get the ball rolling,” he said.

The exhibition will open to the public tomorrow and runs until Sunday 25 November at the Mall Galleries in London SW1. Admission is free.

■ Eurogeddon (noun, informal) yesterday made it into the shortlist of the Oxford Dictionaries UK Word of the Year 2012. It is described as “the potential financial collapse of the European Union countries that have adopted the euro, envisaged as having catastrophic implications for the region’s economic stability”. As much as The Capitalist enjoys seeing City lingo making in into everyday lexicon – alongside Jubilympics and mummy porn – the entry of “omnishambles” (noun, informal) clearly wins on versatility. Defined as “a situation that has been comprehensively mismanaged, characterised by a string of blunders and miscalculations”, surely the two ought to be entered jointly as synonyms.

■ There was a time when Labour was in power that one could hardly move at a Roland Rudd November party without bumping into a government minister. Now that Labour is in opposition, and one would have thought pretty keen to convince the business community that it is to be trusted, there’s barely a soul in sight at the annual bash of the City’s best-connected PR firm. No Ed Balls, no David or Ed Miliband, nor even Chuka Umanna, the man they say might be the one to charm the business world. Maybe Rudd’s not the man they want to align themselves with, or, more likely, Labour still isn’t really trying very hard to attract the business vote.