City A.M. panel fears nations may quit euro within 5 years

Steve Dinneen
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TWO thirds of City A.M. panellists fear at least one Eurozone nation will leave the euro within the next five years.

A staggering 62 per cent of our specially selected decision-makers feel the worsening Eurozone sovereign debt crisis will leave the euro at least one player down.

Only 32 per cent thought all nations will still be there in five years, with seven per cent saying they didn’t know.

Meanwhile, the new Liberal-Conservative coalition has gone down well, with 87 per cent of the panel saying they were either “fairly impressed” or “very impressed”. Only 11 per cent were unimpressed with its performance thus far.

Tories were very happy, giving the coalition a 91 per cent approval rating. Even Labour voters accepted the coalition was performing well, with 68 per cent saying they were impressed. And 96 per cent of Liberal voters said they were pleased with the way their party was dealing with power.

There was optimism among the panel that the coalition can survive the deep cuts needed to save the economy, with 66 per cent of the panel saying only minor problems would affect it. Only eight per cent thought differences in the two camps would tear the coalition apart. However, among Labour voters this rises to 21 per cent.

However, pessimism took hold on the question of the sovereign debt crisis affecting markets, with 67 per cent of panellists thinking it will get worse in coming months, compared to just 22 per cent who think it will get better. Tories were the most pessimistic, with 71 per cent fearing the worst. interviewed 366 people by email yesterday.