Chris Huhne labels prison life fascinating in letters to Aitken

Elizabeth Fournier
CHRIS Huhne is finding life in prison “fascinating”, according to ex-minister Jonathan Aitken, who has been exchanging letters with the jailed former energy secretary.

Aitken, who spent seven months in prison in 1999 for perjury, said he had written to Huhne in the week before the former Lib Dem MP was sentenced, offering his support as the only other member of what he called “an exclusive, perhaps sad, club”.

He revealed he had sent Huhne a book of Psalms, and received a letter in return in which he sounded “ in good shape”.

“I think he said: ‘I have now gone through Wandsworth and Leyhill and I have found them fascinating,’ which is a surprisingly positive adjective to use about a prison,” Aitken told Radio 4’s Broadcasting House programme.

Huhne also said his journalistic curiosities had been piqued by the experience, telling Aitken “there are some good stories in here”.

Huhne was jailed last month after admitting to perverting the course of justice by asking his then wife Vicky Pryce to accept a penalty for a speeding offence he had committed in 2003.