Chocolatey alternatives

Timothy Barber
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Chocolate scotch egg
Don’t worry, there’s no meat involved here. As it happens, Fortnum & Mason invented the scotch egg, and has made this chocolate version – with a vanilla fondant centre – to celebrate.

Chocolate pie chart
Aussie chocolatiers Matt & Mary have produced the perfect gift for those who spend their lives immersed in charts and spreadsheets. Online shop CultureLabel is importing them.

Giant slabs
Sometimes a prissy little truffle won’t do – you want a great slab of chocolate. Hotel Chocolat has a number of them in different varieties – the Triple Chocolate Wham Bam is our favourite.
£13.50 each,
£35 for a gift pack

Honeycomb in chocolate
Known as “hokey pokey” in Sally Clarke’s restaurant and deli, these are sweetly luxurious slices of naughtiness.
£3.50 a bag

Chocolate skulls
Distinctly twisted and yet pleasingly whimsical at the same time, these multi-coloured chocolate skulls with flowers on their foreheads have been produced by Mayfair chocolatier Cocomaya.
£15 each

Chocolate hen
Why settle for an egg when you can have the hen that laid it? Modern day Willy Wonka Paul A. Young has produced a number of hand-moulded versions in
different colours.