Chilly challenge as Mayfair fund managers scale the Three Peaks

A TEAM of intrepid fund managers from Mayfair Capital Investment Management have completed the gruelling Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge in a respectable 10 hours and 45 minutes, despite having to slum it with cold showers.

The group were led round the Yorkshire hills by an ex- Royal Marine who drove them relentlessly through hail, snow and not to mention some unfortunate bodily ailments.

However, powering through with their eyes on the prize – a pint of Yorkshire Bitter at the end – upon finishing the group were dismayed to find that one of the senior members of the firm had used up all of the hot water in their bed and breakfast. Nothing like a cold shower to ease aching muscles.

■ The Lloyds Banking Group AGM up in Edinburgh yesterday was a lively affair, or so The Capitalist is told. Speaking for the last time as the bank’s outgoing chairman, Sir Win Bischoff (pictured) had to keep his cool during shouts of “scumbags” and “Tory twits” from the shareholder audience, who had perhaps had one too many coffees on the early flight up to Scotland. He even had an ominous invitation from one shareholder to meet afterwards to “conclude matters.” Only after revealing that he came “unarmed” did Sir Win accept.

■ Any green-minded entrepreneurs who reckon they are the next big thing in carbon-cutting innovation ought to enter the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge. A £430,000 prize is available for the company that develops the best business plan to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. And what better example than 2009 runner-up and managing director Robert Matthams? Matthams won a cash prize for his online company which connects people who are looking to send items across Europe, with haulage companies that have empty spaces on the same route. Makes starting an award-winning business sound oh-so-simple.