We know we are currently only serving a fraction of the people who need banking services in Malawi.

With 90 per cent of the population unbanked, we have our work cut out trying to reach the parts that other banks don’t. We’ve got 405,000 savers in the country but we’d like to make it a million by 2020.

Innovation is the key to this. We’ve pioneered the use of electronic and mobile technologies to reduce transaction costs to bring banking services to people in their own communities.

We’ve got bullet-proof 4x4 mobile banks that take financial services on the road to serve isolated rural locations.

And in a country where 26 per cent are illiterate and few have a passport or any other formal ID, we’ve found a way to provide them with secure and convenient access to their finances.

When clients open an account, their fingerprint is scanned and stored on a chip, allowing them electronic access to their accounts – using their fingertips instead of a PIN.