Chelsea package does Ron proud

Chelsea are clearly a club in transition on the pitch and off it: they are hatching plans for a new stadium.

However, Stamford Bridge is not ready for the scrap heap just yet if its corporate hospitality is anything to go by.

A trip to the Ron Harris suite, in this case for the visit of Valencia in the Champions league, offers a top ringside seat for a battle between two of Europe’s footballing heavyweights. The suite offers a lot more finesse than name suggests (Harris was known as Chopper for his uncompromising tackling) and is formal but not stuffy. The pre-match menu has the required variety to suggest that an effort has been made to shun the often trodden route at big events of churning out standard mass catering. The room itself is a low ceilinged affair which is not the most attractive but that is more than forgotten amid the excellent service and pre-footie buzz. At the Valencia game the Harris suite was graced by a number of familiar faces including West Brom manager Roy Hodgson and Wigan’s Hugo Martinez. There were plenty of good wines and it was a top night all round. For more on Chelsea’s packages go to: