Chancellor says he will protect scientific researcha

THE CASH budget for UK science will be maintained, the chancellor pledged yesterday as he prioritised support for the UK’s world class science community. While the value of the spending will decline by around 10 per cent in real terms, the government will spend £4.6bn a year on resources by 2015.

Science minister David Willetts said after the spending review announcement that roughly £2.75bn will go to the UK’s seven research councils, £1.6bn directly to universities and £100m for national academies such as the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Capital projects that have been ring-fenced include the Centre for Medical Research and Innovation at St Pancras. The department of health will also increase spending on research in real terms.

The spending review document said the government plans to save £324m a year by 2015 within science through efficiency savings, which will be reinvested.