Cech pulled out of friendly over fears for Chelsea keeper’s injury

CZECH Republic doctors have played down fears over Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech after it emerged an elbow injury has left him unable to play without pain.

The problem has been deemed sufficiently serious for Blues staff to ask their Czech counterparts to no longer select the 30-year-old for non-competitive friendlies.

Cech has also been booked in for surgery on the troublesome joint at the end of the season, as it is believed it is unlikely to worsen before then. “An investigation showed a bit of ossification in his elbow, so they [Chelsea] are planning a surgery in England after the season,” said Czech national team doctor Petr Krejci.

“They have very kindly asked us if we could rest him in friendly fixtures. We have come to an agreement with coach Michal Bilek and decided to be on good terms with Chelsea. We are going to grant their wish and rest him.

“Petr cannot stretch the arm properly. If he has to stretch the elbow, it hurts him sometimes. There is nothing to be worried about, though. There is basically nothing that could make this problem worse.

“The only thing that could force an immediate surgery is if the intensity of pain would get much higher or if the elbow was blocked in some way.”

The agreement means Cech will now sit out tonight’s friendly against Finland and rest ahead of Chelsea’s weekend clash with west London rivals QPR.

The Champions League winners have again sent Cech’s understudy, Belgian prospect Thibaut Courtois, on a season-long loan to Spanish club Atletico Madrid.