CBI: State should act now to unlock 215,000 building jobs

Tim Wallace
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THE CONSTRUCTION sector is ideally placed to create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the short run, leading to stronger economic growth in the long term, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) claimed yesterday.

But for the potential 215,000 jobs to be created, the government needs to push local authorities and highways bodies to bring forward infrastructure spending on projects which can get underway immediately.

“It is more important than ever that we recognise the role of construction, both as a catalyst for local job creation across the UK in the short-term, and as the lead mover in the £250bn infrastructure renewal needed to underpin economic growth in the long-term,” said the CBI’s Rhian Kelly.

“To get spades in the ground on infrastructure delivery, there must be an urgent focus across the UK on bringing forward repair, maintenance and improvement projects, for example on roads, to deliver immediate and tangible results in terms of local jobs and growth.”

That is on top of the £250bn the CBI says is already needed to boost Britain’s infrastructure and raise long-term economic growth.