CBI calls on business to save energy

Tim Wallace
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BOOSTING energy efficiency is good for business, and firms should work more closely with the government to cut costs and protect the environment, the Confederation for British Industry (CBI) announced yesterday.

“There is a business case for acting on resource efficiency, and a threat to our growth prospects if we don’t,” said the CBI’s Neil Bentley.

“You need to be green and grow.”

The industry body also hit out at the government, accusing it of having an incoherent overall strategy.

“Too many different government departments at too many different levels are coming up with their own ways of dealing with this problem,” said Bently.

“We’re looking to the business secretary and the EU commissioner to give us the right policy framework.”

The CBI is urging businesses to recognise the growing importance of resource efficiency.

It is also pushing governments to come up clear indicators to measure efficiency and targets to force businesses and countries into line.

The CBI pointed to the European Commission’s low-carbon economy 2050 roadmap as an example.

The group also called on the government to “help improve the overall investment environment to drive resource efficiency,” which it says is “key to transitioning to a green economy.”