One of the biggest challenges of video conferencing is that, because of so many early launches, people can have a misconception of video conferencing as being crackly and poor quality. But video communication has now come of age, not just with the HD picture but also the sound. With stereo audio and HD video it now really is like the other users are in the same room as you.

We have over 1,200 suites with a dedicated MPLS network and demand is growing.

The future of video communication is not about one fixed place to one fixed place, but about multiple people in multiple places. Much as employees demand to be able to have options in the workplace for how they work and where, the same applies to communication. It is necessary to provide them with options of where, when and how they connect with video communication – from HD telepresence studios to connecting over a smartphone. We have over 1m customers who use our offices and only 25 per cent of them use an office 9-5. The rest are mobile at various locations and their video communications needs continue to reflect this.

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