Carphone freezes out Sony Ericsson

City A.M. Reporter
CARPHONE?WAREHOUSE has stopped selling Sony Ericsson&rsquo;s flagship smartphone due to software problems, dealing a blow to the loss-making Japanese-Swedish firm&rsquo;s turnaround plans.<br /><br />Europe&rsquo;s biggest mobile phone retailer said yesterday it temporarily withdrew the recently launched Satio. &ldquo;From time to time we experience issues with new handsets and their software, which may result in a customer experience that is below our usually high standards,&rdquo; it said in a statement.<br /><br />Sony Ericsson&rsquo;s newly appointed chief executive, Bert Nordberg, hopes a range of new products in the high-margin smartphone segment and hefty cost cuts will return the world&rsquo;s fourth largest mobile phone maker to profit next year. <br /><br />The Satio is Sony Ericsson&rsquo;s current flagship smartphone, offering multimedia features and a 12.1 megapixel camera.<br /><br />Sony Ericsson&rsquo;s UK Sales and Marketing unit said a small number of consumers have experienced software issues with the Satio when using certain applications.<br /><br />The company &ldquo;is giving this matter its utmost priority and is working toward solving it,&rdquo; it said in a statement.<br /><br />Carphone Warehouse said it was working with Sony Ericsson to restock the Satio as soon as possible.<br /><br />Smartphones, with advanced mobile internet and networking functions, have been the one bright spot in an otherwise depressed handset market.<br /><br />