Carney pens his first letter as boss of the Bank

THE CAPITALIST’S Carney Watch continues as the Bank of England boss ­has not only set a D-day for the future of women on British bank notes, but has revealed his hand – literally – on his first published letter.

Carney yesterday wrote to Mary Macleod MP addressing her concerns about the future of women in circulation, and in doing so revealed his penmanship – a much messier scribbling than the representation of his signature carried on Canadian bank notes.

The governor promised that the issue of note diversity would be discussed on 17 July at the next meeting of the Court of the Bank and that he would make a public announcement “no later than the end of July”. If he needed extra persuasion he will have plenty of it tomorrow, as campaigners dressed as historical female figures will be delivering a petition directly to the Bank. No word on whether they will be male or female – but the Canadian might get a swift introduction to the English pastime of men dressing up in drag.