Carbon policies will hit UK

Julian Harris
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CLIMATE change policies proposed by a Westminster committee would harm UK companies, a leading manufacturers’ group will claim today.

Recommendations from the climate change committee would commit the UK to a 30 per cent reduction in carbon emissions with no guarantee of peer countries following suit, the EEF said.

International competitiveness and investment prospects for British businesses would take a severe knock if the government adopts the plans, it said.

“The UK is already committed to some of the toughest carbon targets,” said EEF chief Terry Scuoler.

“Committing to ploughing a lone furrow without international agreement will damage our economy for little or no environmental benefit.”

EEF, which represents over 6,000 manufacturers in the UK, has written to Chris Huhne, the secretary of state for energy and climate change, to urge against the committee’s findings.

“The government has recently committed to introducing a Carbon Price Floor which will widen the existing gap between UK and EU electricity prices,” Scuoler added.

Failure to defend the competitiveness of UK companies “risks moving the problem of emissions elsewhere at a cost of lost inward investment and economic growth,” EEF said.

“Industry will be looking to the Prime Minister for reassurance,” Scuoler added.