Ryan Borroff
Citroen’s award-winning DS5
Citroen’s award-winning DS5 goes on sale this week, with prices starting at just £22,400 for the top-of-the-range DSport Hybrid4 version. The five-door DS5 features four different engine options, and the DS5 Hybrid4 delivers just 99g/km making it Congestion Charge-exempt.

Saving fuel will repay dividends
Rather than freaking out in the queue at your local petrol station, drive more economically is the advice from road safety charity, IAM. Improve fuel-efficiency by up to ten per cent by driving more smoothly, reducing acceleration and braking, using cruise control on long journeys and looking after your tyre pressures. You could save £7 to £70 per tank.

BMW’s i8 Concept Spyder
BMW has revealed a convertible version of its i8 petrol-electric hybrid supercar, with a shorter wheelbase than the i8 coupé and only two seats rather than four. Otherwise it uses the same lightweight materials as its sibling – strong carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) and lightweight aluminium – and has unusual upward swivelling, windowless doors.