Ryan Borroff
This is the DS3 Racing, the latest hot hatch from Citroën. With a specially tuned 1.6-litre 207hp engine, a top speed of 146mph and a 0-62mph time of just 6.5 seconds the car has been extensively modified by Citroën's Racing division. The car has an upgraded chassis, running gear and braking system plus carbon fibre rear diffuser, front bumper, side-rubbing strips and wheel arch extensions to keep down the weight. Only 200 are coming to the UK, so enquire now if you want one.

If you need to move the family around in a hurry, you'll be pleased to know that from September you can specify a new Powerkit to Porsche’s Panamera Turbo. The kit raises engine output by 40hp to 540hp by adding two new turbochargers and tweaking the ECU. Torque is increased too. The extra horsepower doesn’t make a massive difference on paper, but you’ll certainly feel added urgency. The kit comes with special titanium-alloy turbine wheels and costs £11k.

Kia will show a clever new concept car at the end of the month at this year's Paris Motor Show. The all-new zero emission electric car – called the POP – is just three metres long and has a three seat layout similar to the Toyota iQ, with two seats up front and one behind the passenger. It’s about a foot longer than a?Smart Fortwo. The design is certainly inspired, drawing on pop-art. Kia doesn't have a little electric car on sale here so it could mean it might yet get made.