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Not convinced? here are some alternatives

Mercedes-Benz A-Class, from £18,970
Gone is the wedge-like body shape of past models. The new A-Class is attractive and exciting and is proving popular based on looks alone. Lower, sleeker and sexier than it’s predecessor, the new model has a cabin reminiscent of the SLS AMG supercar and is aimed to attract younger, urban buyers.

Volkswagen Golf, from £16,285
That it’s the best Golf yet will come as no surprise. It remains the car to beat because it’s such an excellent all-rounder, has a classless badge that attracts all types and feels extremely well put together. But as the best selling car in Europe, it might be too mainstream for some, which is why the Audi proves a popular alternative.

Volvo V40, from £19,995
Volvo upped its game in the class and style stakes with its new V40 in an attempt to attract customers who would usually look to the Audi A3 or a BMW 1-series car. Packed with safety technology, this Volvo is also engaging to drive, so it is no longer just a grown up choice for the eminently sensible.