Car talk

Ryan Borroff
Calls for reintroduction of London Trolly Bus
Motoring mag Autocar is calling on Mayor Boris Johnson to re-introduce the Trolley Bus to Oxford Street. Inspired by the reinvention of Exhibition Road in west London as a ‘shared space’, Autocar's associate editor Hilton Holloway believes that part-pedestrianisation and the replacement of the regular buses with an electric trolley bus service would solve the pollution and congestion problems of London's busiest street.

Nissan brings premium car manufacturing to its UK plant
Nissan's premium car brand is to build its first premium compact model at Nissan’s UK manufacturing plant in Sunderland. When production begins in 2015, Infiniti will become the first new car brand to begin mainstream production in the UK in 23 years and the £250m investment could account for 1,000 new jobs in Sunderland and elsewhere in the UK.

Vauxhall Ampera offers buy before you try
Vauxhall has announced a quite amazing offer for buyers of its Ampera electric car. A new 30-day satisfaction guarantee means you can buy it, try it out and if you find it's not for you, return it within 30 days. The “Love it or Return it” scheme is aimed at attracting buyers who are worried about adopting the very latest technology.