Car registrations driven down in EU for 18th month in a row

THE number of cars registered across Europe slumped 30.7 per cent last month to 141,765 vehicles, down from 204,522 the year before, data from the European carmakers&rsquo; association ACEA showed yesterday.<br /><br />In the UK, 17,197 vehicles were registered in October, the data showed, a drop of 27.7 per cent from 23,793 units the year before. Meanwhile in Germany, where the government took an aggressive approach to slumping car sales by introducing a &ldquo;cash for bangers&rdquo; scheme, 21,052 cars were registered &ndash; 27.3 per cent fewer than last year.<br /><br />From January to October 2009, results were 35.3 per cent below the level over the same period in 2008, with a total of 1,417,255 new vehicles registered. <br /><br />Registration of light commercial vehicles across Europe fell 25.5 per cent, buses and coaches by 30.7 per cent, and heavy truck registration plummeted 56.8 per cent from October last year.<br /><br />But the decline in registration is starting to level off, as state scrappage schemes throughout Europe encouraged drivers to splash their cash.