Capello puts his five penalty takers through their paces

FABIO CAPELLO has already named his designated five penalty-takers should history repeat itself against the Germans on Sunday.

The England coach will turn to Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney, Ashley Cole and John Terry to decide England’s destiny if the scores are level after 120 minutes.

Joe Cole will also be considered if he is on the field at the time, although Capello will judge his players on their state of mind at that time.

England currently have the worst penalty shoot-out record in World Cup history with three straight defeats, while the Germans have the best with four from four.

Now, Capello has moved the end the stigma surrounding spot-kicks and took the players, and his goalkeepers through a thorough practice session in training yesterday.

A source from inside the England camp said yesterday: “We know the five best penalty takers we see every day in training, but taking penalties for real is vastly different from taking them when there is intense pressure.

“Sometimes, it is not who is best at taking penalties, but who is feeling best to take them, as this is vital and must be taken into consideration.

“Therefore it is important to look closely to see how the players are feeling, to look at them and make a judgment, better than just asking them because they might say they are okay, when they are not.

“Fabio will ask the players, but will make his own mind up, but I have got to tell you, it is not Fabio's intention to get as far as penalties.”