Canary Wharf gets court order

Steve Dinneen
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THE MAKESHIFT campsite filled with a motley group of protesters will not be allowed to spill over into Canary Wharf after its owners won a High Court injunction.

It was feared the headquarters of Barclays and HSBC could be targeted next after an astonishing U-turn by St Paul’s and the City of London Corporation, who abandoned their legal bid to evict the campers.

The Corporation has offered the protesters a free-pass until January if the site is then peacefully closed down. The group, however, hopes to stay as long as the Olympic games to draw attention to their cause.

The protest, which was initially meant to target the London Stock Exchange, has caused a rift within the church as its senior members clashed on whether it was right to evict them.

A spokesman for Canary Wharf Group said: “Following recent disruption in the City, we have obtained this injunction to prevent similar disruption by a small group of people to the 95,000 people working at Canary Wharf.

“We are keen to ensure that people at Canary Wharf are able to go about their normal day to day activities without interruption.”

Occupy LSX said the protesters had not intended to move into Canary Wharf, finding the area “an absurdly over-securitised place, lacking all social amenities”.