Campervan fame for fund manager

READERS may remember Seven Investment Management co-founder Justin Urquhart Stewart as the fund manager who chatted sock colours with the new Bank of England boss Mark Carney on the central line last week, on the Canadian governor’s first day of work.

However, The Capitalist hears that his name is now also rather famous down in the west country.

A couple of clients of the investment management firm recently decided to use some of the proceeds of their lucrative portfolios to buy a new campervan for countryside touring in the summer months. But when it came to naming the new vehicle, they decided to christen it “Justin” after the City fund manager. And the gesture(s) of gratitude did not stop there. The happy investors even had red go-faster stripes painted on the white sides of the van, apparently a nod to Urquhart Stewart’s penchant for wearing a white shirt with red braces.

Unfortunately the man himself was three sheets to the (caffeinated) wind when he recounted this tale to The Capitalist near the firm’s Square Mile offices – already being five strong expressos down by 11am.

The reason for the coffee cravings? “Instead of giving me a hayfever tablet this morning, my wife accidently gave me a sleeping pill,” he explained.