Campaigners in legal threat to retailers over lads magazines

PRESSURE groups have threatened a legal challenge over newsagents selling magazines featuring adult content, including so-called lads’ mags.

Protestors have set up a “Lose the Lads’ Mags” campaign in which they have joined with a group of lawyers to promise legal action if retailers do not remove the magazines.

They claim that the images are a violation of 2010’s Equality Act, and constitute sexual harassment or sex discrimination, and that staff and many customers are exposed to them against their will. The campaigners claim there is a legal precedent set by staff who have successfully sued employers for being exposed to pornographic images at work.

The campaign was yesterday backed by the Women’s Aid charity, which added its voice to gender equality groups Feminista and Object. They demand that newsagents and supermarkets stop selling the magazines, and have threatened to take the matter to court if they do not.

“We urge retailers to take note of this campaign and act to remove these magazines before they face a full legal challenge,” Women’s Aid’s Polly Neate said.