Cameron will use Davos platform to lobby Brussels on burden of regulation

PRIME Minister David Cameron will up the ante with Europe today by demanding that Brussels impose targets to bring down the burden of EU regulation on businesses.

Just six weeks after vetoing an EU treaty because he could not get a single concession from other leaders, Cameron will make a “checklist” of demands on continental governments.

“Britain has been arguing for a pro-business agenda in Europe. We need to be bolder still,” he will tell delegates gathered in Davos. “Here’s the checklist: a target to reduce the overall burden of EU regulation. A new proportionality test to prevent needless barriers to trade... we can’t afford to wait any longer.

“Europe’s lack of competitiveness remains its Achilles Heel,” he will add.

“The single market remains incomplete... we are still doing things to make life even harder. In the name of social protection, the EU has promoted unnecessary measures that impose burdens on businesses and governments.”