Cameron: UK may use force against Gaddafi

Marion Dakers
PRIME MINISTER David Cameron yesterday laid out a stark warning to Libya, saying in Parliament that the UK has not ruled out “the use of military assets” to halt Colonel Gaddafi’s escalating violence against Libyan people.

Cameron said that giving arms and support to dissenting groups inside Libya “is certainly something we should be considering” if it aids the escape of British citizens, and that his government would work to prepare for a no-fly zone across the country.

The US ambassador to the United Nations said yesterday that Obama’s administration is in talks with NATO and allies about military options.

Gaddafi remained defiant yesterday, claiming in an interview with ABC News: “All my people love me. They would die to protect me.”

He denied using the air force to attack protesters but said planes had bombed military sites and ammunition depots.

In Tripoli, Gaddafi’s last stronghold, local media reported several deaths yesterday when forces loyal to Gaddafi opened fire to disperse close to 10,000 protesters in the Tajoura neighbourhood.