Cameron slams Tory tweeter as he takes the Tube to Stratford

PRIME Minister David Cameron made room for some fun yesterday with a trip to the Olympic Park, but the jaunt did not lift his mood enough to spare the tweeting Tory backbencher Aidan Burley.

Cameron said Burley, who disastrously misjudged the nation’s mood by branding Friday’s Olympic opening ceremony “multicultural crap” on the micro-blogging site, had been “idiotic”.

The PM also flirted with a more profane assessment of Burley’s remarks, referring to his own memorable “too many tweets make a tw*t” quip of old.

“I did once say something about people who use Twitter, particularly politicians, and I think in this case I was absolutely spot on,” said Cameron.

“I think what he said was completely wrong, an idiotic thing to say.”

Cameron, who roughed it on the Underground for his journey to the Olympic Park, where he watched British diving duo Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield narrowly miss out on a medal, also revealed his intention to take in beach volleyball, taking place near Number 10.

He said: “I keep walking past the beach volleyball and I keep thinking that I have to pop in.”

No word yet, however, as to whether Mayor Boris Johnson’s description of the scantily-clad female protagonists as “glistening like wet otters” had piqued his interest.