Cameron promises action over alcohol pricing despite revolt

DAVID Cameron has vowed to take action on cheap alcohol despite the government dropping plans to introduce a 45p per unit price floor.

The Prime Minister said yesterday that he was “absolutely determined” to deal with the issue even though the original policy is understood to be dead in the water after a cabinet revolt led by the home secretary Theresa May.

“There is a problem with deeply-discounted alcohol in supermarkets and other stores and I am absolutely determined that we will deal with this,” he said, having been taunted by Ed Miliband at Prime Minister’s Questions. After an apparent u-turn on the issue, the Labour leader yesterday asked: “Could the Prime Minister tell us, is there anything he could organise in a brewery?”

Despite the rebellion scuppering plans for minimum alcohol pricing, Cameron remains a supporter of the policy.

The Prime Minister’s comments yesterday suggest that he is determined to introduce some form of legislation cracking down on cheap alcohol.